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The technically advanced media world of today requires new approaches to communicate successfully with the audience.

Fresh Blood is a spin-off of NEW ID  in Düsseldorf, a classic film production company, that has a wealth of knowledge in producing high-end TV commercials. However, ever-changing technical advances are triggering new media markets that follow their own special rules, and new target groups that are embracing those advances in a heart beat.

Fresh Blood is committed to explore and research these developments and to create concepts that deal with these challenges.

These new kind of media contents have one thing in common: diversity and special interest, ideally tailored to the needs of the individual consumer.

This requires special market insights and credibility to communicate with the consumer on an equal footing. To achieve this we need directors, writers and journalists who are insiders to these target groups. Thus, one of Fresh Blood’s tasks is to research a pool of creatives who meet these requirements.

Since budgets don’t grow with diversity - on the contrary, media budgets tend to shrink - the big challenge is to deal creatively with this constraint. Lower budgets don’t necessarily mean less creativity and hence less success in communication. But it requires short communication channels and freedom for creative film producing. This is not only a challenge for us the production company but similarly for our clients.

Which leads to a core task of Fresh Blood: we are committed to foster a reliable and trusty relationship with our clients, knowing that this relationship must be more than just client and supplier. It must be an interchange on many levels, especially creatively. This is why Freshblood recognizes itself as a creative hub bringing together all the crafts we need to create remarkable content for the new media. Great mission!